Meet Abe Ancselovics, DDS

Endodontist in Brooklyn

Abe Ancselovics DDS - Endodontist in Brooklyn

Dr. Ancselovics has been practicing Endodontics exclusively for 30 years. He graduated from New York University with a DDS degree and went on to do a post-grad study in Endodontics at New York University as well.

  • Dr.Ancselovics has published several articles in respected journals as well as lecturing at the Greater New York Dental Meeting on the topic of contemporary Endodontics.
  • He also lectured at the Second district dental society meeting.
  • He participates in several volunteer programs including the Dental Mission of Mercy to New Orleans after the Hurricane which devasted the communities there.
  • He is a volunteer at RAM which is an organization dedicated to providing free care to needy people mainly in the state of Tennessee.
  • He has volunteered for DVI, an organization that provides free dental care to the poor children of Jerusalem.
  • He is a member of the American Dental Association, the New York Dental Association, the second district Dental Society, The American Association of Endodontists as well as the New York State Association of Endodontists.

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